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  • Dawn Carbone-McDonald

Council debates House Bill 172


The Post Newspapers

When the city’s Safety Committee held its regular meeting Feb. 15, Ohio’s House Bill 172 was brought to the forefront. The bill would expand the allowable occasions to discharge fireworks to include more holidays than were previously recognized. The bill also allows cities to completely ban fireworks within the city limits, designate allowable occasions to discharge fireworks or to adopt the state’s new regulations.

City officials expressed varying opinions on the matter. Ward 5 Councilwoman Dawn Carbone-McDonald said the majority of residents in her ward do not support the city’s current ban on fireworks. Ward 3 Councilwoman Joanne Krejci said some of the residents in her ward want restrictions placed on the discharge of fireworks. Mayor Larry Antoskiewicz and Council President Paul Marnecheck said they want to keep the city’s current fireworks law. Ward 1 Councilman John Nickell, however, said he would prefer the city adopt the state’s new regulations.

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