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North Royalton Ward 5 Councilwoman & Mayoral Candidate Dawn Carbone-McDonald Resigns from Council


North Royalton (February 20, 2023)- North Royalton Ward 5 Councilwoman Dawn Carbone-McDonald and 2023 candidate for Mayor of North Royalton has submitted her official resignation from City Council effective February 20, 2023.

In an emailed resignation letter addressed to Council President Paul Marnecheck, Councilwoman Carbone-McDonald states:

“Effective today February 20, 2023, I, Dawn Carbone-McDonald, resign my Ward 5 Council Representative position. My husband received a promotional “offer he could not refuse” that required him to relocate to Tampa, FL. As I shared privately to you and City Council that this might be an issue if my alternative plans to remain in North Royalton to complete my term of office fell through.

I was seeking to not only complete my term, but I also considered to campaign and would definitely have become the third female of Mayor of North Royalton in November. As much as I appreciated my husband’s willingness support and sacrifices for me remain back here and follow my dreams, it became apparent that my dedication, positive energy and thoughtfulness belong in Florida.

It was truly an honor and privilege be elected as your Ward 5 Council Representative. I took this opportunity to serve all the residents of Ward 5 with my family values of Passion, Empathy, and Compassion, while taking the time to caringly listen to and help resolve so many your issues where possible, as immediately as possible, and by requiring the city to address issues as they developed and to also deal with many issues that were overlooked and ignored in the past. I came in contact with many and I treated everyone how I expect to be treated, with the utmost respect. I kept my residents informed. On controversial matters, I never made assumptions but actually sought out many more than just a few opinions from residents. I actually took the time to research the issues before us, and never assumed a department head recommendation was an expert opinion and the only course of action. At Council meetings, I considered each item voted on based upon both what I believe was in our residents’ best interest and based on the input provided by many residents. This allowed me to be a true voice of the people and for the people and not just another “rubber stamp” yes person that past regimes covet.

I am especially proud to have accomplished some of the following as your Ward 5 Council Representative:

• Structured my own transition program to becoming a city council member, by meeting with ALL of the department heads in the city to understand their roles and the needs of their departments.

• Served as Utilities Committee Chair, Building & Building Codes Committee Vice Chair, and a member of the Safety Committee for City Council.

• Became the first North Royalton City Councilwoman to be appointed as an Executive Board Member of the Northeast Ohio City Council Association (NOCCA) and having a positive impact by addressing important issues throughout Northeast Ohio.

• Successfully, thoroughly researched the costs of our city jail and campaigned to keep the jail operational, by providing suggestions to cut costs and seek increases in jail rates charged to surrounding communities. The Mayor reluctantly chose this course. This action keeps all of our residents and our surrounding community safer and our unique public safety asset remains utilized.

• Sponsoring and getting passed into law Ordinance 22-62 increasing the penalties for violators who pass stopped school buses in North Royalton and ensuring our most precious children are kept safe as they travel to and back home from school.

• Resolving a number of long-standing issues in Ward 5 such as getting a dangerous blighted home on Martin Drive demolished.

• Supporting efforts for the city to recovery economically from the aftermath of the COVID-19 pandemic.

• Successfully completing a special project with my colleague Ward 4 Councilman Jeremy Dietrich to have the newly constructed Memorial Park Bridge dedicated on Veteran’s Day November 11, 2022 in honor of Vietnam Veteran and City Veteran Liaison Walter Ohler all our local veterans.

• Establishing the North Royalton Guardian Angels Program, my all volunteer group, that has helped numerous residents in both Ward 5 and throughout the city needing an extra hand in a time of need or crisis. Especially, so many elderly residents.

• Establishing a New Resident Welcome Wagon Program, to provide new residents with a warm welcome to their new home and some resources to help them as they get on their feet.

• Successfully recognizing and highlighting a local business each quarter of the year through my Ward 5 Business of the Quarter Program for the positive things these businesses do to give back to the community. This provides an opportunity for our residents to become aware of, and help support our local businesses.

• I used this opportunity to make a difference and bring positivity to in places where it was clearly deficient. I connected with, and brought joy and smiles to the faces of many residents of all ages by attending our many community events and adding my own special touch.

I truly hope that this current council will replace the open Ward 5 Council position with an individual who will truly listen to the voice of the residents, and will not be another “yes” person resurrected from the past. With a person who has the compassion, empathy, and time to dedicate to serve the constituents well. The decision Council makes can and should be watched and considered by the residents with their vote in City elections in November 2023. I also hope that another candidate will step up to run in the race for Mayor and bring about numerous changes in leadership that our city both desperately needs and deserves! I truly wish all the best for all the residents of North Royalton.

May you all have many years of good health and happiness in the city. Thank you again for giving me the opportunity to serve you in Ward 5.”

As a result of Councilwoman Carbone-McDonald dropping out of the 2023 North Royalton Mayoral race, Mayor Larry Antoskiewicz no longer has any challenger. Making the race for North Royalton City Council President the only contested race with Ward 1 Councilman John Nickell challenging current Council President Paul Marnecheck.

Councilwoman Carbone-McDonald’s resignation also makes her the third member to have resigned from North Royalton City Council in the last three years. The remaining six members of Council will decide Carbone-McDonald’s replacement for the remaining ten months of her term. Pursuant to Rule XXIII of City Council “The resignation of Council shall take effect when the same has been received by the Director of Legislative Services or the President of Council and reliably confirmed. The office shall thereupon be deemed vacant and shall be filled in accordance with Article III(e) of the City Charter. Council shall allow twenty-one days for the submission and receipt of applications from such qualified applicants as may apply followed by nine days for the interview process and selection of a replacement to fill the vacancy.”

No matter who is appointed they will have to decide whether or not to run for a two year elected term of their own in the November 7, 2023 General Election. Interested candidates should contact Director of Legislative Dana Schroeder at (440) 237-4260 or to request an application.

(Pictured is North Royalton Ward 5 Councilwoman Dawn Carbone-McDonald

Dawn Carbone Mcdonald Press Release 2-20-23
Download PDF • 398KB

Dawn Carbone McDonald 2-20-23 Council Resignation letter
Download PDF • 331KB

Dawn Carbone McDonald 2-20-23 Council Resignation letter
Download PDF • 331KB


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